Tango classes in Brussels

Cours de tango à Bruxelles

Tango is infinite communication between two persons.
Tango Positivo is a new way to learn tango based on flow in movement, musicality,
and dancing in both roles.
Join us for fun, joyful and friendly tango experiences.

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Dear friends of Tango Positivo

I am writing this text to let you know that after evaluating the current situation we decided not to start the regular lessons from September. The decision wasn’t easy to take because we love teaching and sharing good times together with you.

Of course, we will follow our tango canyengue meetings in 2022. MoCCA is becoming a bigger school and we will soon certify teachers of tango canyengue.

Abrazos Positivos and the best for everyone of us.



Focus on the good aspects of
our dance, learn from our mistakes.
We always look on the bright side
of our progress

Francesco Pugliese

passionate about teaching tango rhythms

Roxina Tango teacher from Buenos Aires

I am passionate about teaching flow in movement.