Organic Tango School in Brussels

A positive attitude to ourselves, 
to our dance partners and to all our tango adventures
Join us for fun, pleasure and joyful tango experiences
in Brussels
 Tango Argentino Dance school Bruxelles –  Tango classes for all levels

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Regular Tango Courses

Tuesdays 20h30:
My first steps and Tango feelings
Rue des Francs 51, 1040 Brussels

Musicality & Organic Technique 
 Men & Women – All levels
Tango & co: Intermediate level

Av. de la Chasse 210, 1040 Brussels

Thematic Workshops

at 19h and at 20h
Check the week programme here

A tango journey
Every week a new style

6 months of learning tango

Rue Doyen Boone 6,
1040 Brussels

La Practica Multirole

Mondays 21-23h:
Come to dance every Monday

We open a social place to
practice, play,  experiment and
enjoy exploring. 

All beginners students
are very welcome!
 Rue Doyen Boone 6,
1040 Brussels

Tango con ELLAS

Organic Tango Technique for Ladies Only.

On 21 May from 15h30 to 17h30
I invite you to take time to deepen together the receptive part of tango,
so we become more autonomous and feel free, agile,
natural and elegant when we dance any style of tango….
Tango awareness, posture, presence, tango elements as
voleos, ganchos, organic ornaments, and more 😉

To experience this class bring comfortable clothes and flat shoes.
Whether your level is beginner or intermediate,
working the technique is essential to improve your tango,
gain confidence, ease and elegance.

Price 25 euro.
20 euro for Tango Positivo students
For registration, please contact us:
limited places (16)

Rue Doyen Boone 6, 1040


Focus on the good aspects of
our dance, learn from our mistakes.
We always look on the bright side
of our progress


Francesco – Organic Technique


Roxina – Organic Technique