Organic Tango School in Brussels

A positive attitude to ourselves, 
to our dance partners and to all our tango adventures
Join us for fun, pleasure and joyful tango experiences
in Brusselss

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Welcome to our regular classes 


Les clés du mouvement & Tango.
On Tuesdays at 20h

Conscience corporelle & mouvement organique dirigé au Tango.

Special “The Embrace” in 2 workshops

on 4 December from 20h to 21h30
The Embrace Clinic: resolve doubts and questions, find positive 
solutions, discover yourself as you achieve your ideal embrace.

On 5 december from 20 to 21h30
We will guide you on a tour of Tango embraces, visiting milonga, vals, 
tango salon, tango milonguero, tango canyengue. We will explore the 
dinamics of different orchestras to appreciate the qualities of each 

Price 20 euro each or 2 for 30 euro
Places limited

For registration send a message here


Tango con Ellas

Workshop Femenino

11 December at 20h



Road to tango

Beginners classes
Thursdays 19.30

Avenue de la Chasse 210, 1040 Ecole Ernest Richard.


Focus on the good aspects of
our dance, learn from our mistakes.
We always look on the bright side
of our progress


Francesco – Organic Technique


Roxina – Organic Technique