Regular Courses

Monday 19h

Tango & NeoTango workshops

20h30: Practica de Tango

Rue Doyen Boone 6, 1040


Focus in milonga, Vals, Tango Canyengue & NeoTango

with Francesco Pugliese

Rue Doyen Boone 6, 1040

Road to Tango – Beginner courses

Tuesdays 19h & Thursdays  19h

If you want to
* Discover the world of tango for the first time
* Wish to review and improve the basics




Mondays from September

Thematic workshops at 19h

Advanced-beginners to low- intermediate

20h30: Practica Multirole del Lunes

Rue Doyen Boone 6,


Mouvement Vital methode to Tango

place limités a 10 personnes

 Rue des francs 51,

Tuesdays & Thursdays

from September

Beginner Tango cours

No prerequisites, just come as you are
and see what Tango will do for you.

maximum: 14 students

Rue de Francs 51 & Av. de la Chasse 210, 1040



Tango Canyengue Weekend 2020

23-24 May & 24-25 October

MOCCA – Movimiento Cultural Canyengue Argentino



Road to tango

Beginners classes from September

Tuesdays 19h & Thursdays 19.30

These classes are designed for those who would like to discover the world of tango for the first time
as well as those who wish to review and improve the basics.

Dancing is an experience that can open the door to many new sensations.
If you want to stimulate your body and your feelings, then Tango is for you!

Discover the dance that provides sensuality, connection, emotion, and surprise.
Some say tango can change your life.

Come take your first steps with us at Tango Positivo,
to join us and fill yourself with positive energy.

No prerequisites, just come as you are and see
what Tango will do for you.


Mouvement Vital methode

Tuesdays 20h

Mouvement Vital methode to Tango

place limités a 10 personnes

Rue des francs 51,

Brussels Neotango

For registrations or more info, please

contact us

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Our Students share their experience

“Roxina’s classes are relaxing and cheerful. I admire her way to teach body awareness and natural movements. Once you acquire the technique, dancing tango becomes effortless. Learning with Roxina and discovering the essence of tango has brightened up my life. She is a wonderful person and maestra”. 


What I like best about my private lessons with Roxina:

* the break down of a move into easy digestible parts 
 *  the detail of explanation
*  the teaching of the feeling from both perspectives:  leader and follower
*  the explanation of the different possible consequences of a correct vs incorrect move
*  last not least her laugh


“Roxina est une fée pour moi. J’ai commencé a prendre ses cours en octobre 2011 avec l’idée de changer après un cycle, mais son enseignement est si fidèle au tango argentin, si complet et respectueux du corps que je n’ai plus eu le besoin d’aller voir ailleurs. 
Elle donne des outils que je reprends et retravaille chez moi. 
Je connais la culture de Buenos Aires, j’y ai grandi. Le tango que Roxina enseigne est en accord total avec le tempérament du tango.
Et tout cela, en soignant les positions correctes, la connexion dans le couple et un plaisir de la danse qui nous permette de danser jusqu’à la mort!”